Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What life do you want to live?

One of the theories that I have about life is that life is only worth living if you have a challenge, a goal.

Something that wants to make you reach out beyond yourself, beyond the impossible.

I look around and stare at all the people around me and I came to the conclusion that I don't want to live like that.

A living zombie.

You see, not everyone started out wanting to be a insurance salesman, or a administrator or a clerk. Everyone had a goal, a dream to be someone special. But somehow along the way, life became too comfortable and they decided to just slide.

I was like this too. I had a good job which earned me a lot of money. A comfortable living and a good adoring girlfriend. But somehow or another I could see the outcome of my life.

Buy the car.
Buy the girlfriend.
Buy the house.
Buy a wife.
Buy the kids.
Buy your grave.

It was like if I continued along this pathway of life I would be merely another... zombie.

So I decided to quit my job. Quit the girlfriend. Quit the house plans and insane loans and bad investments and just try out and start my own business with whatever cash I had and give it my best shot.

Nothing better that today, right? I figured if I was to save money and collect enough to make my dream a possibility, I would always end up looking for more hidden problems that need fixing, or stuff to buy, or things that need handling... until in the end I lose the guts to do it at all. and end up being 60 years old and wondering where all the time went...

So here goes, going, doing!

My attempt at a new life.

Welcome Mindslavers. Welcome my new life!

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