Thursday, February 28, 2008

The April Fool.

I got out of bed today.

Phone call.

My honeybaby has decided to pull me a great big April Fool's joke... or so I thought.

"Hey dear, sorry you had to get it today, but.. let's break up."

I smile. Yeah happy April Fool's day.

She just smiled sadly and said, " sorry dear, this time its for real."

I'm in a state of shock. Is she for real? Or is this another one of those jokes she likes to pull just to get me off my high horse cos I have to say I have an ego the size of KLCC...

As she explains further about how our relationship is breaking down and how she has met this guy who is really nice to her and giving her everything that she needs emotionally and how I could never give to her, I realized that she is FOR REAL.

Oh my god.

We're breaking up. again. for like the 3rd time.

Maybe this time for real.

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