Monday, April 14, 2008

Tifa The Fish... and Better Childcare

I put a new fish in my shop.

Her name is Tiffany. I call her Tifa for short.

She is seriously the sexiest, prettiest shop assistant anyone could wish for. Slim, long and insanely beautiful betta halfmoon fighting fish that anyone has ever seen. Personally I blame Feng Shui.

I used to not believe in it. Until someone advised me to get a proper fish and put it in my shop. Apparently, fish can give the shop some form of protection and also increase the luck rating. But, the fish must also have enough fighting spirit to support the number of customers walking in and out, the number of which will stress and kill most other fish.

And thus, I chose the most dangerous and powerful fish: the fighting fish.

Built to fight and kill, you cannot have 2 of the same kind share the same space with each other. They will literally tear each other to shreds and fight till someone dies. If you want to breed them be prepared to prepare at least 2 females for each male in the tank. Otherwise, the poor thing will get raped to death.

But, she is insanely beautiful and powerful looking.

P.S. Tifanny is actually a guy. Cos in most species other than humans, the males of the species is the weaker form. Thus they have to look and dress pretty to get the attention of the bigger, stronger and uglier females.

P.P.S. My niece just reached 2 years recently. And she still can't say a single human word. Ga Ga all the way.

Personally I just think she is confused. Why do I say this?

Imagine: in a normal Malaysian family we are trained from birth to be able to communicate with all the other races in Malaysia. And over here, the distribution is equal enough that you MUST be bilingual at the least.

My family can speak very fluent English. Fluent Malay. Fluent Chinese. most of the curse words in indian and Kadazan-Dusun.

It is in such an environment that I fear for my little niece.

How do you expect her to be able to relate and talk to everyone when:

a) Grandma A speaks in Cantonese.
b) Grandma B speaks in English.
c) Mom speaks in Mandarin.
d) Dad speaks in Manglish
e) T.V speaks in Malay.
f) Grandpa A speaks in Malay.
g) Grandpa B speaks in Hokkien.

How much more confused can a baby get? I'm seriously worried I tells you. At this rate, she will be able to talk at least till the age of 17.

Pre-school starts in a year. Wowza. Good luck kid. Here's more love from uncle.

On the bright side, Shannon is an insanely cute looking kid. Hopefully she'll grow up to be a supermodel or something.

No one ever expects models to say anything.

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